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Howling Assistant Launches US-Based Project Managers & Bilingual Virtual Assistants Service

Florida, U.S.A — Gone are the days that small and medium sized businesses need to hire full time administrators or full time marketers. Also gone are the days that businesses can operate a business exclusively off-line. When quality work matters so much — yet so does the bottom line — it makes sense for businesses to maximize organizational output while minimizing financial output by considering a virtual assistant service.

Howling Assistant is a new virtual assistant company and its launch comes as a solution to the needs of so many SMBs who don’t have the budget to hire full time administrators yet can’t compromise on quality or efficiency, either. While there are other virtual assistant programs on the market, Howling Assistant’s main differentiator to its competitors is that it offers U.S.-based project managers, and it offers bilingual service in Spanish and English to help its clients connect to the Hispanic market in the U.S.

Howling Assistant not only offers administrative support to its clients, but it also acts as a one-stop shop for SMBs. SMBs can choose to take advantage of other areas of support like email marketing, CRM management, lead generation, web development and social media content creation amongst a host of other services. If a business were to hire a full time staff person or hire an agency, these roles could cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more per month. A subscription to Howling Assistant starts at a modest $250 and packs considerable value.

“When we were managing our social media in-house, it was all about keeping the pages alive with weekly posts” says Martin Brady, managing director and Howling Assistant client, “Howling Assistant has now shown us how effective communities can be for our growing business.”

While social media management is just one task Howling Assistant can manage for its clients, the ability to reach the public in both English and Spanish through its bilingual service is an advantage that helps SMBs engage with even larger publics.


For SMBs considering the program, the Howling Assistant customer service program is also worth reviewing. Each client receives a dedicated U.S.-based project manager who helps create a strategy and ensure tasks are completed effectively and efficiently.  SMB managers are also able to access Howling Assistant customer service  24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ask questions and get answers, fast.

The launch of Howling Assistant’s bilingual, U.S.-based project managers and virtual assistants is much needed in a time where so many businesses are making the transition online and have had to navigate a much different economy in 2020 and 2021.

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Howling Assistant, a virtual assistant firm, has launched US-based management, marketing, and administrative programs and services for small and medium businesses. The company’s staff is trained to perform many repetitive tasks such as answering phones, handling email, managing data, and scheduling. They also have dedicated teams capable of managing all aspects of digital sales, website traffic, and more.

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This agency’s launch was prompted by a need for virtual assistants familiar with American customs and language. The US-based project management program employs individuals with decades of experience working with clients ranging from entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, franchises, and more. These qualified persons can effectively coordinate and manage many of the functions a company must do to stay competitive in today’s market.

All virtual assistants can operate in various customer relationship management platforms, including Infusionsoft, Zoho, Active Campaign, and HubSpot. They understand their client’s business processes and strive to simplify and automate daily repetitive tasks.

Dedicated digital sales experts within Howling Assistant create custom content, design posts, and post every day to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Personal profile, LinkedIn Company Page, Twitter & Pinterest, and more. Team members engage and interact with a company’s current followers and groups so that they become loyal customers and fans over time.

Data management can also be delegated, including timely delivery of reports for a business’s partners, shareholders, banks, and customers. Internal data about a company’s different departments, up-to-date trends, brand development, social media, and website statistics can all be integrated into a greater whole to help businesses become better organized and efficient.

The firm has competent virtual assistants that can turn a website into a marketing tool that produces a steady source of leads. Sales channels, chat features, scheduling add ons, instant response features, and many other interactive functions are used to capitalize on a company’s digital real estate.

Assistants can update images, copy, add pages, upload blogs, and more on WordPress, Shopify, and Big Commerce. They create high converting funnels and landing pages for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and all other traffic campaigns.

Howling Assistant also has dedicated experts that can help a company increase its sales using the telephone. These lead conversion experts are trained to book leads, qualifying, and follow-up. This frees the in-house sales teams to only focus on closing high-quality prospects. Phone services include monitoring incoming calls, follow up calls, lead connections, appointment setting, multiple call rotations, analytics dashboard, and call recording.

A company spokesman said, “We want to free up small and medium businesses to focus on their core functions. We use US-based assistants and program managers that receive ongoing training in administration, management, customer service, marketing, and sales conversion, and more.”

The launch of Howling Assistant’s US-based management and sales services gives small and medium American businesses resources designed to free them to focus and grow their core business.

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