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The POZcast with Adam Posner Shines a Light on Tucker Max: From Fratire King to Self-Publishing Empire

The POZcast with Adam Posner has quickly become one of the most popular podcasts in the industry. Featuring top guests and serious topics, there is a new episode of The POZcast with Adam Posner that was recently released, featuring Tucker Max. Tucker Max took a unique journey to get where he is today. The POZcast with Adam Posner goes in-depth with Tucker Max to discuss how he ended up as a New York Times Best Selling Author (four times over) with a balanced life.

Tucker Max is the Founder of Scribe Media

Most people know Tucker Max as the founder of Scribe Media. Even though Tucker Max is a lawyer by training, he quickly realized that this was not for him. He hated just about everything about being a lawyer and describes the field as having to “sell your soul” just to be successful in any way. While many people are concerned about not using an advanced degree once they have it, Tucker realized that he needed to get out of the industry before it was too late. He spent two years in Hollywood, which he describes as the worst two years of his life. He realized that many people who live in Hollywood and work in his industry, are sociopathic, soulless, and narcissistic. Because Tucker Max did not want to end up like them, he decided to get out. That caused an abrupt career change, leading him to Scribe Media.

His career took off when he started a blog on his website,, where he created a new genre now known as “fratire.” This word was used by a writer for the New York Times, Warren St. John, to describe the exact nature of Tucker’s writing.

On his website, Tucker mostly shares unique stories from the life he led during his twenties. His writing has become popular because many people like how Tucker makes fun of his younger self, and the partying he did. Tucker has also been blessed (or cursed) with a personality that always leads him to tell the truth, no matter what. This type of “fratire” is discussed in-depth during the podcast.

Tucker Max Takes a Unique Approach at Scribe Media

Tucker Max originally got into the legal field to help other people. Even though he did not get to do exactly what he wanted to as a lawyer, he does get to spend his life helping people at Scribe Media. Many of his clients are surprised because he makes them read their book out loud before he agrees to publish them. This comes from Tucker’s own personal experience. Some people do not realize exactly what they should change about their writing until they are forced to read it out loud. Even though many of Tucker’s clients have edited their work on paper many times, it always sounds different once it is read out loud. Tucker believes he can better help his clients this way. Tucker Max has written 4 New York Times best-selling books, including ‘I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’.

Buddha’s Core Principle and the Drive To Change

Even though it has taken him more than four decades, Tucker Max lives his life, and runs Scribe Media, by following Buddha’s Core Principle. First, you must do your work. Then, you can help others do theirs. This principle guides all of Tucker’s decision-making and has made him a better person.

It has also helped him change, becoming the person he is today. If you want to see real change, then you must change yourself. Tucker went through a lot of this when he decided to leave his legal training and experience behind; however, he has found another fulfilling career that has made him a New York Times bestselling author 4 times. Tucker Max, and his unique journey through life, are discussed in-depth on The POZcast with Adam Posner.

About The POZcast with Adam Posner

The POZcast with Adam Posner regularly interviews top experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs from the world of marketing, business, and talent acquisition. The podcast focuses on the journeys and insights of individuals that have led to personal growth. The goal of The POZcast with Adam Posner is to help others learn from the unique stories and experiences of those who have risen to the top of their fields. To learn more about The POZcast with Adam Posner, check out social media profiles on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Learn more about The POZcast with Adam Posner on the website.

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The POZcast Interviews Chief Co-Founder, Lindsay Kaplan

The United States, April 28, 2021: Given that The POZcast is highly revered for interviewing the best and brightest leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc., it should come as no surprise that the host, Adam Posner, recently sat down with Lindsay Kaplan, who is a co-founder of Chief, which is a network of about 2,500 of the leading women executives in business, created to connect and support women in leadership. This was a very powerful episode that was filled with gems all women and leaders can use—some of them, which will be listed below.

Lindsay Kaplan’s Credentials

For those who are wondering why Lindsay is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic, not only has she co-founded her own company to empower women in business, but she was successful well before that. For instance, she also was an early member of the Casper Team as the VP of Communications and Brand. She also has a natural knack for creativity and innovation, which has made her an invaluable asset to virtually every company she has ever been a part of. Her clear vision for the professional advancement of women has served as a beacon of hope for women working on all levels of the business sector.

This Episode’s Heavy Hitters

As mentioned, Lindsay has a network that focuses on motivating and driving women to achieve greatness professionally. As such, her tips and advice are geared towards eliminating barriers and obstacles to success while also strengthening one’s skills and drive to make room for this success. Here is a list of the heavy hitters from this episode:

  • How the Pandemic is Negatively Affecting Parents: Lindsay discusses how and why the conditions parents have been forced to operate under during the pandemic are abnormal and should never be normalized. She also delves into how most parents are now struggling in the workplace more than ever.
  • The importance of Self Care, Simplified: Lindsay also took the time to discuss the importance of self-care, in general. This is especially true if one is especially stressed, busy, etc. Moreover, she points out that rather than going to expensive spas or salons, sometimes, self-care is a bottle of wine, a bowl of cheerios, and a good long cry in the bathtub.
  • The Glass Ceiling Breaker: Lindsay also gave details about how and her team at Chief were able to take on the Glass Ceiling Breaker art piece, which honors Kamala Harris’s achievement in becoming the first female Vice President/ Vice POTUS of color after being abandoned by another organization right before its release.
  • Mental Health Matters: Another important talking point was Lindsay’s emphasis on mental health. In particular, she delves into how Chief decided to give their entire organization a routine mental health day, which allowed everyone a chance to unplug and decompress at the same time.
  • Being an Inclusive Organization: Chief being an inclusive organization that welcomes men into the fold pushing for the same mission to empower women in the workplace.

Other Notable Talking Points

Lindsay also touches on the following notable talking points on this episode of #thePOZcast:

  • Essential Early Life Lessons
  • Deciding to leave her 9 to 5
  • Early Faith and Success
  • Creating a Good Work/Life Balance During a Pandemic
  • Strengths to Look for in Women
  • And Much More

About The POZcast with Adam Posner

Hosted by Adam Posner, who is the founder and managing director of NHP Talent Group, The POZcast Press is a show in which top experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from the world of business come to impart their unique knowledge to those who are seeking it. Each week, Adam interviews a new guest who provides invaluable insight into various aspects of their own careers and personal growth. The overall goal of the podcast is to help people on all levels of the business realm by inspiring them to harness their inner tenacity in order to propel their lives and careers forward. Those who wish to sponsor, collaborate, or be a guest on The POZcast, should contact him today.