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Einstein’s Home Services’ Professional Plumbers Approach Any Faucet Repair Problem

Properly working kitchen and bathroom faucets save on utilities, reduce energy costs, but, most importantly, they allow for necessary home activities that keep everyone healthy and comfortable. Without a working kitchen faucet, food can’t be rinsed, hands and dishes can’t be washed, and certain meals can’t be prepared altogether. Without a working bathroom faucet, a household risks the spread of germs and disease. For these reasons, it is imperative that when household experiences clogged drains or low to no water flow, they call the expert team at Einstein’s Home Services.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Einstein’s Home Services have the right tool and experience to approach any faucet repair problem. Professional plumbers are adept at quick diagnosing problems and making the necessary repair or replacement recommendations that will keep costs low, prevent further water damage, and return one’s home back to proper working conditions.

In addition to kitchen and sink faucets, Einstein’s Home Services also specializes in the repair and installation of showerheads. Here, the team is experienced both in the necessary functions of showerheads to provide hygiene and convenience as well as the aesthetic function of showerheads. The repair of non-working or improperly working showerheads is one of the central services provided by this Arizona team, but it is not the only one. Einstein’s Home Services is linked with several outstanding distributors and is well-equipped to make style and function recommendations for those looking to replace and not just repair their existing showerhead or showerheads. For whatever material, style, and shower configuration, Einstein’s Home Services can assist in outfitting the best choice fixtures at the right price.

Finally, Einstein’s Home Services also provides fast and reliable toilet repair and replacement services. Every home, office, and other building must have an operating toilet for hygiene and comfort purposes. Ensuring those operating toilets is a cornerstone of all plumbing services and one that the team at Einstein’s Home Services takes very seriously. Customers can call and schedule an appointment for any problematic toilets or they can call for 911, next-up emergency toilet repair services. Once scheduled or called in, an experienced plumber will have the tools and knowledge to quickly assess what caused the customer’s toilet issues and make the necessary recommendations and then take the necessary actions to resolve the issue. From main sewer stoppages, septic backups, drain blockages, and everything in-between and out, Einstein’s Home Services can get it done.

In situations where repairs will only temporarily solve the problem (such as when mineral deposits buildup and prevent proper water flow) or won’t solve the problem at all (such as when the porcelain in toilets develops cracks), Einstein’s Home Services may recommend full toilet replacement. Here, as with showerheads, this Phoenix, Arizona plumbing team boasts access to a wide array of products. This enables the consumer to pick out the exact type of toilet they would like dependent on their style and water needs. Einstein’s Home Services has experience repairing and installing more unique toilet designs such as tankless, gravity-flush, pressure-assist, and low-flow toilets.

Faucet, shower, and toilet repair and replacement are just a few of the primary services offered by Einstein’s Home Services. For a complete list of the services offered by this Phoenix-based plumbing company, customers may visit their website at

Einstein’s Home Services caters to customers in Phoenix, Arizona, and services all cities within a 30-mile radius of their headquarters. This includes Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, New River, Cave Creek, and Apache Junction. In addition to being a fully experienced plumbing company, this team is also composed of fully licensed and accredited air conditioning and heating technicians. They offer emergency servicing calls 24/7 with free estimates.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Einstein’s Home Services has implemented a number of health and safety guidelines to protect their customers, their employees, and their vendors. All staff members are temperature checked each morning and are required to wear masks and gloves when providing in-home services. The team requests social distancing measures, ensures all equipment and hands are properly sanitized between customers, and offers contactless payments. Concerned customers should contact the company directly to learn more about these and other health and safety measures.

Einstein’s Home Services is located at 428 E. Thunderbird Rr STE 731, Phoenix, Arizona, 85022. Customers can reach a team member directly by calling (602)-892-5338. More information about the company can be found on their Facebook, and Twitter account.

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Make it Date Night at Side Splitters, Tampa’s Premier Comedy Showcase

Speaking of which, we’re back, baby! You’ve missed the nightlife, haven’t you? We all have. For more than a year, date night has meant a pizza dropped off at your doorstep by a teenager in a mask who makes a run for the car as soon as he detects movement behind your door.

Now it means chuckles and drinks in an actual away-from-home location with other laughing adults.

“We’ve made Side Splitters the ideal place to enjoy life for a few hours in the company of friends and loved ones,” says (name, title). “Check it out once and you’ll keep coming back. It’s guaranteed.”

Side Splitters earned its reputation for big laughs by hosting just about every national act who’s split sides for the last couple of decades. Upcoming shows include the likes of impressionist Frank Caliendo, actor-comic Jamie Kennedy, the legendarily and hilariously dirty Tom Green, funny guy-author Todd Barry, and Dan Mintz, the voice of Tina Belcher on Fox’s Bob’s Burgers, among many, many others.

You’re also invited to put one or several of the following nationally touring stand-up comedians on your schedule: Chad Daniels, Angelo Tsarouchas, Ms. Pat, JJ Curry, Daryl Wright, April Macie, Sean Finnerty and Finesse Mitchell. And that’s only a handful of performers dropping by and taking center stage over the next few months. Check out the Side Splitters Events page regularly to see how many great excuses you always have for hysterical nights out.

Got something else in mind besides a visit? Side Splitters is even available on a to-go basis. That’s right. If you can’t come here, your Side Splitters stand-up will come to you. This is the perfect main attraction for birthday and anniversary parties, and business and social events of all kinds. Just contact Side Splitters and share your budget and how you’d like the event to proceed and the ideal headliner is headed your way. Fill out the brief booking request form and a booking specialist from Side Splitters will get in touch with you.

You can take Side Splitters to the next level by becoming a VIP Club member at no cost. In addition to a whole lot of other exclusive fun features, you could win free or discount tickets to upcoming shows.

Side Splitters gift cards are available for the people you love, or at least put up with. Order them in amounts ranging from $5 (for more of an annoying co-worker than a friend) to $250 (for you and the love of your life, or a bunch of rowdy friends and unforgettable times).

Feelin’ funny? Put it all on the line and sweat it out behind the mic during our next Comics Night Out, sponsored by Ledo Pizza. Or stay at your table and maybe help discover America’s next national comedy phenom. Either way, learn more about the award-winning action here.

Side Splitters is all over social media, too. You can follow your favorite Tampa Bay comedy club on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

So be sure to check out Side Splitters Comedy Club in cyberspace. But the best way to visit is in person. Start planning your date night, bachelor/bachelorette party, after-work get-together, or nights of laughs for any reason or for no reason at all.

Side Splitters, Tampa Bay’s premier comedy showcase, is located at 12938 N. Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa. A second location will open soon at The Grove at Wesley Chapel. More on that later.

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Howling Assistant Offers Comprehensive Podcast Editing, Video Editing, Transcriptions, and Show Notes Services

With numerous consultant groups, marketing agencies, and coaches looking to expand the types of services they offer, Howling Assistant has worked hard to expand its own services to keep up with the demands of its clients. With numerous agencies and professional services expanding into the digital arena, Howling Assistant has done the same, offering professional services that can make this transition easier for professionals in just about every industry.

Howling Assistant Allows Clients To Tailor Their Services To Meet Their Needs  

There are countless services that Howling Assistant can provide whether someone is producing videos, creating podcasts, or engaging and other types of digital media marketing. A few examples of services that Howling Assistant can provide include:

  • Podcast Editing: There are lots of professionals who have expanded their digital services by producing podcasts regularly. Editing them, particularly syncing audio and video, can be a challenge, but Howling Assistant can take care of this efficiently.
  • Audio Editing: Howling Assistant can handle single-track and multi-track compilations, whether they are speech or music-focused.
  • Show Notes: Howling Assistant can quickly and easily produce notes on whatever has been recorded, making it easy for people to review the high points if they could not catch it live. Howling Assistant can even transform this into a blog post or an essay.
  • Transcriptions: There are lots of people who would rather read the production instead of listening to it, which is where transcriptions from Howling Assistant can be helpful. These transcriptions are 99 percent accurate and produced by experienced professionals.
  • Social Highlights: With social media marketing becoming more important, Howling Assistant is able to transform videos and podcasts into small, bite-sized highlights that are perfect for being shared on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tik-Tok.
  • Amplify: In addition, Howling Assistant can work with Howling Amplify, a landmark service, that can take one piece of content and amplify it by sharing it with multiple partners with large followings. This includes podcasts, videos, and anything else that needs to be shared with a wider audience.
  • Graphic Design: Howling Assistant also offers professional graphic design services. Every video or podcast series is better with a logo, as this is important for brand identity. Howling Assistant can make this happen.

These are just a few of the many services that Howling Assistant provides. With videos, podcasts, and transcriptions becoming more important, Howling Assistant is already seeing a lot of demand for these professional services. By collecting feedback from existing clients, Howling Assistant will continue to improve the services in the future.

About Howling Assistant:

Howling Assistant is a professional virtual assistant agency that provides a wide variety of services to clients scattered across numerous agencies. Howling Assistant has expanded its offerings during the past few years to include video editing, audio editing, podcast editing, and transcription services. Howling Assistant also integrates its services with other areas of the agency, including Howling Amplify. If you are interested in learning more about how Howling Assistant can help you grow your consultancy, agency, marketing company, or coaching business, contact Howling Assistant today or, you can follow Howling Assistant LATINO using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Howling Assistant is located in Sun City Center, FL. You can call Howling Assistant at (813) 993-1256 or email them today at:

Press Release Summary: Howling Assistant Expands Its Services To Include Video, Audio, and Podcast Editing with Professional Transcription Services  

There are lots of marketing agencies and consultant groups looking to expand their digital presence with videos and podcasts. Now, Howling Assistant has services that can make this easier. With access to professional video editing, audio editing, graphic design, content amplification services, audio mixing, and transcription services, Howling Assistant can take a lot of stress off the shoulders of clients, allowing them to focus on other areas of the business. Howling Assistant can also partner with other services, including Howling Amplify, to help clients get more out of every video or audio production. As Howling Assistant continues to collect feedback from its clients, its services will only expand moving forward, meeting the increasing expectations of their valued partners.