Surgeon and Associates announces new sponsorship for 2022 WIDU Anniversary

Surgeon And Associates Sponsors Epic Festival Of Praise Event WIDU Anniversary In 2022

March 2022: The 2022 WIDU Anniversary Festival of Praise, hosted by Bryan Honda, is all set to kick off this April. On Saturday, April 30, Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, and Hezekiah Walker will all perform at the Crown Coliseum as part of this year’s event.

Surgeon and Associates’ founder, Fred Surgeon, Joins The WIDU Anniversary as a sponsor for this epic festival of praise event. Fred Surgeon is the chairman of the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and runs several successful businesses. 

WIDU is a locally owned radio station that broadcasts to Cumberland County and the neighboring areas of Fayetteville. The WIDU Anniversary brings together some of the most well-known and popular Christian artists in front of a group of people who are religious.

Key Highlights

  • Performance by Fred Hammond, a musician, composer, producer, arranger, playwright, film producer/director, and multimedia entertainment Since 1985, Fred Hammond has been a pioneer in gospel music. Hammond has impacted pop superstars such as Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Jamie Foxx, and others as a progenitor of ‘Urban Praise & Worship.’

  • Performance by Israel Houghton, a six-time GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel singer-songwriter, bandleader, and innovator whose 20-year career with the musical collective NewBreed has carried him worldwide, evolving and adapting in unexpected ways throughout a pivotal period in music and culture.

  • Performance by Bishop Hezekiah Xzavier Walker, Jr. is a Grammy Award-winning gospel music musician and the creator and leader of the Love Fellowship Choir (LFC) and the Pastor and Bishop of the Love Fellowship Tabernacle. Hezekiah Walker, a Stellar and GRAMMY® Award winner, has a track record of delivering songs that have served as anthems of hope and inspiration for the church for more than thirty years. Hezekiah Walker, dubbed “the hip-hop pastor,” has introduced many young people to the gospel and choral music and has demonstrated that he is not afraid to use modern vernacular and recording techniques to broaden his fan base and worship base.

Businessman Fred Surgeon invites everyone to join him for the WIDU anniversary concert at the farm at Sweet Valley Ranch all summer long. For more details, visit the link here

About Surgeon and Associates

The founder of Surgeon & Associates, Inc., Fred Surgeon held various titles in a wide range of professions over the years. He comes from an agricultural family with strong roots in agriculture, cattle, dog breeding, and other facets of farming. He founded Surgeon & Associates, Inc. in 2009. The goal of Surgeons & Associates is to provide value-driven and diverse growth built on a foundation of loyalty, integrity, efficiency, work ethic, family-centered values, and a strong work ethic.

Contact Details

Corporate Office:

733 Bargain Street,

Fayetteville, NC 28303

Training Center:

314 Fields Drive,

Aberdeen, NC 28315

Training Center:

2515 Watson Ave

Sanford NC, 27332 

(910) 689-0539

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Businesswoman Latesha Isbell Howard advocates for economic equity for minority women-owned businesses

Businesswoman Latesha Isbell Howard advocates for economic equity for minority women-owned businesses

Find out more at

“The problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the business world rooted in racism and economic inequity, we can either talk about the problem or take action. Latesha Isbell Howard, a business management consultant and marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company, is all about action. With over 25 years in the business industry, she noticed a problem within her community with the lack of financial knowledge, access to capital, and entrepreneurship education, so she decided to launch Savvy Diva Enterprises.

“A lot of us were not taught about credit and personal finances,” said Howard. “Financial literacy and entrepreneurship aren’t taught in high school or college, and that’s why I offer these services.”

Her company specializes in business credit, funding solutions, education and resources for minority female entrepreneurs. She also provides additional resources that support personal credit optimization, helping clients to become lender ready.

Operating in the corporate world with her Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Finance, Howard has gained valuable expertise to help her clients to structure, fund, and operate their small businesses like Fortune 500 companies.

“I love what I do, but I am only making small ripples in the ocean. God says it’s time to go bigger!” said Howard. And this is why she has launched a huge initiative to serve 2,300 minority women-owned businesses annually. Savvy Diva Enterprises has developed an entrepreneurship academy, small business incubator, community development loan fund, real estate investing program, and youth financial literacy and entrepreneurship program.

“This is a call to action to every bank with CRA goals, every corporation or municipality with community and economic development goals, every philanthropist that wants to leave a legacy, and every government funding program that supports entrepreneurship or financial literacy. We’re also seeking partnerships with nonprofits whose mission aligns with ours,” said Howard. To learn more about how you can support this initiative, click here.

“Together we can change the lives of an underrepresented, underserved, and underutilized population,” said Howard. A study by McKinsey & Company states that “in a parity scenario, Black-owned businesses would generate $1.6 trillion more than they do today.” This point illustrates why economic equity is vitally important.

This trailblazing wife, mother, entrepreneur, and stage 3 breast cancer survivor lights up when she talks about teaching clients how to turn their passion into a plan and transform the plan into profits. “I love to see people win; helping these women level up in their business and finances is my life purpose,” said Howard.

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit

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Sweet Valley Ranch Founders Kick-Off “Sweet Valley Ranch Gives Back”



Fred and Anita Surgeon, the founders of Sweet Valley Ranch, support nonprofits organizations with learning agriculture, livestock, and other aspects of farming.   


Fayetteville, North Carolina: Sweet Valley Ranch is a 300-acre working farm in Fayetteville, North Carolina, owned by Fred and Anita Surgeon. The couple is animal lovers, supports agriculture, and has vast business experience. 


In 2021, Anita Surgeon launched the Sweet Valley Ranch Gives Back program. This program supports the farm while giving back to the community by helping people and creating opportunities.  


Through this program, they have already raised over $25,000, and now their new goal for 2022 is $50,000. To accomplish their goal and give back to the community. Anita wants them to achieve this goal with her and provide their valuable time and talent to volunteer to make a real difference. 


 Sweet Valley Ranch-An Overview


As mentioned above, Sweet Valley Ranch is a farm located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Home to approximately 350 animals from five continents, it boasts three ponds, a reptile house, an exotic aviary, a gift shop, amusement rides, go-kart trails, and much more. Sweet Valley Ranch sponsors the “Music at the Farm” concert series every year. Besides this, there are five more major attractions held annually.


• Springtime Adventures,

• Dinosaur World,

• Tiny’s Corn Maze,

• Backwoods Terror Ranch,

• and the Festival of Lights.


Sweet Valley Ranch offers a variety of exciting seasonal activities for the entire family. Dinosaur World, a yearly seasonal event at the ranch, transports visitors back to prehistoric times. Over 35 life-size dinosaurs, most of which are animatronic, will be explored by visitors. A prehistoric museum is included in the tour, and children can participate in a fossil excavation to round out their exciting excursion.


Backwoods Terror Ranch is one of the region’s largest outdoor haunted attractions. Stay until midnight to experience the thrills of their Backwoods Terror Ranch, where the farm is turned into a terrifying adventure likely to inspire screams! Guests will spend nearly an hour navigating fivescary mazes, including a 1-acre graveyard. The enjoyment continues with a 10-acre corn maze and a pumpkin patch each fall.


Each year, when the year draws to a close, the Sweet Valley Ranch offers events for the holiday celebration, which culminates in their Festival of Lights. The entire farm is illuminated from beginning to end, creating a spectacular winter wonderland.


Sweet Valley Ranch offers something for every age. So, to expand the operations and give back to the community. If you want to know more about Fred and Anita Surgeon, visit


About Sweet Valley Ranch


Sweet Valley Ranch is owned and operated by Fred and Anita Surgeon. It is a USDA licensed meat processing facility located on more than 300 acres in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This division of Surgeon & Associates is located just a few miles away from I-95 in Fayetteville. The farm is best described as being a place where nature meets adventure.