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ACG Announces Keri Laine as a Keynote Speaker for their 15th annual SMART Awards.

Orlando, FL – April 20th, 2023 – Association for Corporate Growth (ACG Orlando) will hold its 15th annual SMART Awards on Tuesday, May 16 at the Alfond Inn Winter Park, featuring Keri Laine as a keynote speaker for the event. The SMART Awards were created to recognize businesses that bring value to Central Florida through outstanding accomplishments in culture, growth, business creativity, and economic contribution.

Keri Laine is the Founder and CEO of Keri Laine Executive Solutions, a firm that helps mid-market investors, private equity firms, and venture capitalists maximize profits by developing strong leaders, building efficient teams, and creating frameworks for success.

Focused on the pre-due diligence and post-due diligence phases of a deal, Keri Laine Executive Solutions takes the talent-focused and human capital areas of an organization through a deep analysis process, including a unique executive team evaluation, predictability of future team performance using data-backed methods, and providing custom strategic solutions to create greater optimization and yield higher operational efficiency.


The SMART Awards reflects ACG Orlando’s continuing commitment to facilitating relationships among growing middle-market companies, capital sources, and professionals focused on corporate growth. Qualified candidate companies must have annual sales of $10 million and not more than $1 billion (U.S.) with headquarters located in Central Florida.


Keri Laine Executive Solutions helps investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms maximize profits by developing strong leaders, building efficient teams, and creating frameworks for success. By developing and implementing talent strategies for our clients, Keri Laine Executive Solutions’ fundamental mission is to assist in accelerating their journey to profitability.

The founder, Keri Laine, is a former global chief-level executive, a certified executive coach, and a proven business strategist in the entrepreneurial and investor space. She has coached more than 200 top executives and entrepreneurs, helping them disrupt their sectors with innovative success across the globe. Keri has led organizations through employee growth of 100 to 4,000, both public and private, with revenue stages from $40m to $5.6b.

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GoodFuels and Hyundai GLOVIS Partner on Biofuel Bunkering for the First Korean-Flagged PCTC Vessel

GoodFuels, in collaboration with Hyundai GLOVIS, have announced the successful completion of the first biofuel bunkering with a South Korea-flagged pure car and truck carrier (PCTC).

Named GLOVIS SUNRISE, this vehicle carrier is the first-ever Korean-flagged PCTC to sail on biofuels. 

GoodFuels considers this bio-bunkering a milestone, as promoting the usability of sustainable “drop-in” fuel takes centre stage in the company’s sustainability strategy.

“This first bio-bunkering in collaboration with Hyundai GLOVIS marks an exciting milestone towards decarbonised maritime transport and more sustainable supply chains,’ stated Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels. “It also shows the central role that biofuels can play in reducing shipping’s carbon footprint today as a safe, convenient, and technically viable option to slash emissions from commercial vessels by up to 90%.”

Sustainable Marine Fuel can Curb CO2 Emissions

Even though vital for trade, the shipping sector contributes significantly to climate change. This sector alone requires over 330 Mt of fuel in a year and spews out 2-3% of the world’s total CO2 emissions.

In 2021, waterborne transport accounted for around 3% to 4% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the European Union (EU). 

With the maritime industry responsible for carrying roughly 90% of world trade, decarbonising this sector has long been considered a dire necessity. 

That said, years after sustainable marine fuels were first introduced as an alternative to petroleum-based fuel in the shipping industry, uptake remains remarkably limited.

However, steps are being taken to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry.

For example, In March 2023, a ‘groundbreaking’ agreement has been inked between the European Parliament and the Council to help the maritime industry reduce ship emissions by 2% as of 2025 and 80% as of 2050.

Experts unanimously agree that biofuels hold the potential to provide almost the same efficiency as fossil-based marine fuel but with a much smaller carbon footprint. For example, sustainable marine fuel can offer more than 70% reduction in well-to-wake GHG emissions than its fossil fuel equivalent, based on the feedstock and conversion process used.

However, with the increasing bio-content in sustainable marine fuels exacerbating microbial contamination, preventing the growth of microbes has now become dire.

Businesses looking to improve their fuel management use periodic marine fuel tests with kits like FUELSTAT®, so that that contamination can be identified at the earliest stages and before any safety/operational disruptions incur hefty losses.

More About the First Korean-Flagged Bio-Bunkering

During its port visit to Vlissingen (Flushing) in the Netherlands on 28th December, vehicle carrier GLOVIS SUNRISE was reported to be refuelled with 50 Mt of 30% sustainable biofuel blend produced by GoodFuels.

The trial was executed during the PCTC’s journey between Europe and the Persian Gulf, which was successfully concluded this January.

According to GoodFuel, the sustainable marine fuel that powered GLOVIS SUNRISE was 100% waste and residue-based and met the highest sustainability requirements. 

This marine fuel supplied by GoodFuel is claimed to provide 80% to 90% well-to-exhaust CO2 reduction compared to its petroleum-based fuel equivalent. 

Due to the drop-in properties of the biofuel, it required no changes in the fuel tank or engine to power the PCTC.  

Hyundai GLOVIS expects this partnership will offer the company solid footing for significantly decoupling GHG emissions from its fleet of 153 vessels while also fostering its capabilities for eco-friendly green logistics. 

Headquartered in Seoul, Hyundai Glovis is a global logistics company that offers businesses optimal strategic services. The company is committed to continuously evolving and delivering greater sustainability across its logistics and shipping activities.

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Reputn Agency Introduces Innovative Service to Improve Negative Wikipedia Pages

Are you tired of being haunted by negative Wikipedia content that’s tarnishing your image or your business’s reputation? Reputn Agency, a leading online reputation management firm, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking new service: Negative Wikipedia Page Improvement. This cutting-edge solution is designed to help individuals and businesses transform their negative Wikipedia content into more balanced, accurate, and positive representations of their public image.

A negative online presence can significantly impact a person’s or company’s reputation, leading to a loss of credibility, trust, and revenue. Recognizing the need for a proactive approach to address this issue, Reputn Agency has developed an effective strategy that adheres to Wikipedia’s strict guidelines, ensuring the updated content is accurate, verifiable, and unbiased.

“We understand the importance of a positive online presence, and our team of experts is committed to helping our clients improve their Wikipedia pages,” said TJ, Reputn Agency’s spokesperson. “Our new service aims to provide a fair and balanced representation of our client’s accomplishments, contributions, and achievements while maintaining the integrity and reliability of Wikipedia as an information source.”

The Negative Wikipedia Page Improvement service encompasses a comprehensive range of activities, including:

  1. Thorough research and analysis of the client’s current Wikipedia page to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Gathering accurate and verifiable information from reliable sources to update the negative content.
  3. Collaborating with the client to create a more balanced and positive narrative.
  4. Ensuring all changes adhere to Wikipedia’s guidelines and editorial policies.
  5. Monitoring the Wikipedia page for any future edits or updates, maintaining a consistent and positive online presence.

With the launch of this unique service, Reputn Agency reaffirms its commitment to empowering its clients by helping them take control of their online reputation. Interested parties can visit the Reputn Agency website to learn more about the Negative Wikipedia Page Improvement service and schedule a consultation.

About Reputn Agency

Reputn Agency is a premier online reputation management firm that specializes in helping individuals and businesses protect and enhance their digital footprint. With a team of experienced professionals, Reputn Agency offers a wide range of services including Online Reputation Management, Digital PR, Wikipedia creation and management, Google Knowledge Panel and others, tailored to meet clients’ unique needs, ensuring they are portrayed positively and accurately online.

For more information, please contact:

Jane Hudis

Reputn Agency