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Announcing Storeplum’s New E-commerce Store Platform That Is Easy and Simple to Use

Outside The Limit [], a reputable online technology advice and research company, has recently released a report and review on Storeplum’s new e-commerce store platform. This innovative platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and aims to provide an easy and simple to use solution for the competitive online retail market.

The new e-commerce store platform offers a comprehensive range of features that can help businesses streamline their online operations. With Storeplum, businesses can easily manage their online stores, keep track of their inventory, process orders, and accept payments in a safe and efficient manner.

One of the standout features of Storeplum’s e-commerce store platform is its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind and allows business owners to set up their online stores quickly and efficiently. The platform’s dashboard provides easy access to all the necessary features, allowing business owners to focus on growing their businesses.

The platform is highly customizable, enabling businesses to create unique online stores that reflect their brand and style. Storeplum offers a range of customization options, including customizable themes, fonts, colors, and layouts, ensuring that businesses can create an online store that is tailored to their needs.

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to shop online. Storeplum’s e-commerce store platform is mobile-friendly, ensuring that businesses’ online stores are accessible and easy to use on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, the platform is affordable, providing businesses with a comprehensive range of features at a competitive price, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Storeplum is also offering a coupon code to save 15% if users us the code: JOEL15.

“We are excited for the release of Storeplum’s new e-commerce store platform,” says “The platform is designed to be easy to use, reliable, customizable, and affordable, providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive online retail market.” is dedicated to providing businesses with the latest insights, advice, and reviews on new technologies, including e-commerce platforms, online video platforms, and digital marketing tools. Their mission is to help businesses succeed in the digital world by providing them with the tools and resources they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Storeplum’s e-commerce store platform is a game-changer for businesses looking to succeed in the competitive online retail market. With its user-friendly interface, robust security features, customization options, and affordability, it provides businesses with the necessary tools to streamline their online operations and stand out in the digital world. For more information, visit today and use the Storeplum coupon code: JOEL15 to save 15%.

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Gantt Charts: Exploring the Applications and the Benefits

Managing a project, irrespective of its size, comes down to juggling a myriad of tasks, people, and whatnot—a single deadline is missed, and the entire project can go awry, incurring hefty losses and serious repercussions.

For project managers looking to boost their productivity by effectively managing their teams and projects, taking a visual approach to project management is a no-brainer. 

Even though tons of project management methods are available, Gantt charts have long been considered the most effective.

Instead of bogging you down with details, these charts give you a comprehensive visual representation of the tasks, milestones, and deadlines plotted against time.

IntelliPaat has offered a complete breakdown of a Gantt chart to help you get a head start.

But first, let’s elaborate on what a Gantt chart is.

What Is a Gantt Chart

Invented by Henry Gantt, a Gantt chart is, at its core, a pictorial view of a project: the resources involved, the start and end date of the project, how it’s planned to be executed—all laid out in horizontal bars. 

Based on your specific project requirements, you have a wide range of Gantt charts to choose from—such as basic Gantt charts, milestone Gantt charts, resource-loaded Gantt charts, dependency Gantt charts, and more. 

Applications of a Gantt Chart

Since a Gantt chart offers instant insight into a project, users can effortlessly see how it will progress over time. 

A Gantt chart facilitates:

  • Project Planning: Project planners can visualise the building blocks of their projects, thus organising and categorising them into fragmented and more manageable tasks. Plus, tasks can be prioritised for scheduling efficiency.
  • Resource Allocation: Stretching the available resources over too many tasks causes setbacks. With the project timeline in the Gantt chart, project planners can get an instant snapshot of how and where the resources are being used. Besides, a Gantt chart facilitates resource management by enabling project managers to delegate effectively while also aligning resources. As a result, project milestones are more likely to be achieved within the allocated budget and timeframe, ensuring no employee is overworking.
  • Defining Logistics and Task Dependencies: Gantt charts help project managers keep an expert eye on project logistics. In addition, by illustrating dependencies as lines linking two tasks or linking a task to a milestone, they can show when a particular task should start or end in relation to other tasks. For a company running projects in a multi-team environment, this feature can be highly effective. 

The result: Efficient project building and management that keeps measurable (and quick) revenue rolling in the business

Benefits of a Gantt Chart

  • Boost Team Productivity: One of the notable advantages of a Gantt chart is that it facilitates cross-departmental collaboration and brings all involved stakeholders on a single page. On top of that, it helps stakeholders track how a project is progressing in real-time, thus enabling the team to plan their steps ahead of time. Staying aligned on project tasks allows them to bolster business productivity.
  • Set Realistic Deadlines and Expectations: As we have already stated, the Gantt chart visually represents all the tasks and interdependencies comprising a project. Such a cohesive visual representation helps teams set realistic deadlines for each task and ultimately, the entire project.
  • Adjust the Plan in Real-Time: Having insights into the pace at which each task is progressing helps you depict the upcoming delays and roadblocks. This allows you to dodge potential risks or adjust your plans accordingly.

Turbocharge Your Presentation with Gantt Charts

Project managers dealing with massive troves of information frequently create calendar-based Gantt charts in Microsoft Visio or Project and import them into PowerPoint slides. However, the process is time-consuming and gets arduous due to lacking essential features. 

For those who want to create Gantt charts directly in PowerPoint with fewer clicks and less time, leveraging an add-in, such as think-cell, is a sensible decision. Automated Gantt charts, built with high-end software, help create better results—both for your presentation and timeline planning.

Wrapping Up

In short, when it comes to organising a project efficiently, a Gantt chart is second to none. Get the hang of Gantt charts and manage even the most complex project in a breeze. 

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87 Parking Lots in Chandigarh to Get Smart; Tenders to be Floated Soon

Eighty-seven parking spaces in Chandigarh are set to get revamped as union territory (UT) adviser Dharam Pal directed Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) to float “tenders for smart parking immediately,” reported The Times of India.

A statement on the above concern was released by the Chandigarh administration on February 23, 2023, after the contracts with the two agencies manning those 87 municipal parking lots had expired this January.

UT Adviser Dharam Pal, while interviewed by The Indian Express, said, “Parking is the city’s problem. The administration has faced a lot of flak over the parking issue. A draft of the policy will be placed before the General House of the civic body for discussion. We have merely drawn a draft of new smart parking. We have to become a smart city, and for that, a proposal needs to be made. We prepared a draft, and then it will be placed before the House for discussion. We are all working towards the same goal here, to provide good, smart facilities to the residents of the city.”

On the same day, the Mayor of Chandigarh, Anup Gupta, stated that the General House of the civic body is committed to ensuring the city residents reap the benefits of the smart parking from the first day and soon starting to draft the terms and conditions as per the tender.

“Also, several other issues need to be discussed — like the issue of giving a window of ten or fifteen minutes, whatever is decided, to allow pick-and-drop at these lots,” the Mayor explained.

Smart Parking Features to be Adopted in Chandigarh

The features that are expected to transform the 87 parking lots in the city are:

FASTag-based parking management system

CSCL has demonstrated the plan to introduce a FASTag-based parking management system in Chandigarh. The aim is to move the paid parking spaces to an automatic system wherein most of the toll collected will be cashless, requiring no vehicles to stop. 

Besides FASTags, drivers, however, will have a range of options—such as cash, Paytm, or UPI—while paying their parking charges.

Parking Central Control Centre

All 87 parking lots are set to be connected with the Parking Central Control Centre, Police Command and Control Center (PCCC), and the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) for facilitating monitoring.

The purpose is to ensure the utmost safety of the drivers and vehicles by identifying and minimising incidents—such as tiffs or theft—inside the parking lots.

“The parking management system will be integrated with the Integrated Command and Control Centre of Chandigarh for data analytics and service monitoring,” said Anindita Mitra, CEO of CSCL and commissioner of Chandigarh municipal corporation (MC).

Automated and Single Entry-Exit

A proposal for deploying automated gate control at the entry and exit of the parking lots has also been introduced. An automated entry-exit system will allow authorities to control access by lowering or lifting the boom barrier and stopping vehicles from entering or exiting a parking lot unless authorised. 

On top of that, since vehicle movement will be unidirectional, traffic congestion inside and outside the parking lot will be decreased significantly.

A Parking Management System Application

In order to constantly monitor the availability of each parking lot while also enabling keepers to book slots, the agency handling the city’s smart parking lots would need to use a high-end parking management app

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

According to the MC commissioner, ANPR cameras will be installed to bring all 87 parking lots under stringent surveillance. 

A cost-effective way to provide consistent data to parking enforcement apps, an ANPR camera helps ensure car parking safety and detect repeat delinquents or target vehicles/block-listed vehicles. 

For a ticketless parking space, installing high-end ANPR surveillance cameras, such as ZatPark, is critical to facilitate vehicle access control. Advanced ANPR technologies ensure a 100% capture rate accuracy under recommended lighting conditions.

Wrapping Up

Since Chandigarh was declared a ‘smart city’ in 2016, the revamp of the city’s parking management system has been long overdue. 

The UT advisor expects to turn 25% of the 87 spaces into smart parking lots within one month of the grant of the contract.

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Legalese Decoder Launches Latest Upgrade to LLM, Doubling Usage Credits on Paid Plans


Vancouver, Canada – Legalese Decoder, the industry leader in legal language translation and analysis, is excited to announce the latest upgrade to its Legalese Language Model (LLM). The upgraded LLM features faster response times and enhanced accuracy in deciphering complex legal language.

In addition to the LLM upgrade, Legalese Decoder is doubling the usage credits on both the Home and Pro paid plans at no extra charge to users. This means that users can now access twice as many credits to simplify and translate their legal documents.

“The latest upgrade to our Legalese Language Model is a testament to our commitment to providing our users with the most advanced and accurate legal language analysis tool available,” said William Tsui, founder at Legalese Decoder. “We understand the challenges that everyday people face when dealing with legal jargon and we are dedicated to empowering them with the tools they need to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.”

The LLM upgrade features a faster response time, enabling users to receive near real-time translations and analysis of complex legal documents. The tool utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify key terms and concepts and provide plain language definitions.

With the doubling of usage credits on both the Home and Pro paid plans, users can now access even more features and functionality to simplify and translate their legal documents. The Home Plan now includes 40,000 characters credits per month, while the Pro Plan offers 800,000 characters credits per month.

“We are excited to offer our users even more value with the doubling of usage credits on our paid plans,” said Tsui. “Our mission is to provide all the tools needed for everyday people to tackle their legal needs, and this upgrade is just one more way we’re fulfilling that mission.”

Legalese Decoder continues to lead the way in legal language translation and analysis, providing users with the tools they need to simplify complex legal language. With the latest upgrade to the LLM and the doubling of usage credits on paid plans, Legalese Decoder remains committed to empowering everyday people to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

For more information about Legalese Decoder and its legal language translation and analysis tools, please visit